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September 26, 2008


J. Strupp

Oh my God.

I started writing more on this clip but......it simply speaks for itself.

Bryan Maersch

All I can say is Biden is going to cream her!

John Michlig

How can she lose? If she does poorly, the same people fooled by her thus far will feel SORRY for her!

J. Strupp

Check the op-ed piece written by a female journalist (sorry I forget her name now) on the back page of the Journal today. The op-ed is from the Orlando Sentinel I believe. Anyway, the piece is fantastic. She's really on the money in describing the Palin fiasco. I think the last couple of lines in the op-ed contain a valuable piece of advice for Ms. Palin. I'll try and find a link to it......

J. Strupp

Wow. I was way off. The op-ed is in the Baltimore Sun today, written by Kathleen Parker. "Sarah Palin is in over her head, should bow out of the race".

Anyway, pretty good read.


That piece appears in today's Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, and I'm debating whether I'm just piling on if I post it. Parker is a conservative, isn't she?

J. Strupp

Yes she is. I like her style.

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