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September 16, 2008



"Breathless," John? Sorry for taking the wind outta you!

Anyways, I think the big point omitted so far is the fact that this is truly ongoing with the Mayor. As I noted on my blog, controversy and "scandal" seems to be the Mayor's best friend.

You got the county pension scandal, an alderman openly stating he's suppressing information from the public and violating State law, and now this.

I mean c'mon, what's next in this saga, and how much more can the Franklin people take before saying enough's enough?


Once you exclaim "Holy crap!", it is reasonable to characterize the item as "breathless," don't you think?


This is definitely a holy crap moment, John. 125% holy crappage.

Bryan Maersch


I think this time you must sit down with Greg and a taser to make him watch "Citizen Kane"!


You can only lead a horse to water. You can't make him drink.

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