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September 23, 2008


Fred Keller

Grab your pitch fork and light your torch, there's a Franklin Common Council Meeting tonight at 6:30!


It's a sad day when effective government is stripped away by individuals posing as leaders trying to save you money. Olson certainly fits that bill.

Honestly, I'm not a fan of McDonald's Iced Vanilla Coffees.

franklin resident

“I have come to the conclusion that politics are too serious a matter to be left to the politicians.” ~ Charles De Gaulle

Steve Olson characterizes the kind of politician De Gaulle was referring to.

Steve Olson represents himself.

We are forced to question his independence. An Alderperson’s loyalties must be to the constituency, not to developers, cronies, or special interest groups. Too much doubt on this point is disqualifying.

From personal experience, I can say that whenever his voting goes against the grain of community consensus, he will claim, “I received a lot of support for the way I voted via telephone calls, etc.”

As a great believer in maximizing his profile, it makes sense that he would strut about with illusions of his tax-hawk prowess by his petty and insignificant loping of mileage and meals for Council Members [more harm than help]. Mercy, this guy makes Mother Teresa look like a rookie! Or so it would seem.

Here is the same guy pushing for Franklin to spend millions of their tax dollars for the 76th Street improvements when the County will do it for nothing. Tax hawk??!! Golda my EAR!!

When you question him or voice your disapproval, the generic reply usually amounts to; “You don’t know all of the facts.” The “facts” usually amount to the tax dollars he so cavalierly plans to extract from our wallets.

To retain his autonomy, he counts on his own vagueness and verbosity to misplace the truth and assure his own survival.

He was instrumental in the force-feeding of the Carstensen/Taylor project that now identifies itself with a huge, red, inflamed anus known as the Shoppes at Wyndham Village, at Drexel Ave. & Hwy 100. Being a fan of backroom deals, trading of favors, and sticking his nose where it is not appropriate; he attended meetings concerning this project that demonstrated a blatant conflict of interests concerning the representation of his constituency.

You will always find Steve pissing on the hydrant to fortify his credo of: “The only kind of politics worth having are those that come from a position of visible power”.

The inane and transparent “cost-saving program” that Mr. Olson proffered, attests to the close scrutiny that is warranted in his future representation and how he votes.

Now THAT’S the guy we sing about around the campfire!!

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