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September 12, 2008


J. Strupp

Breathtaking indeed.

This choice is truly devastating to conservatives that don't live in the altar universe of "good vs. evil" "with us or against us" or other skin-deep slogans that perpetuate their quasi-expansionist intentions. The narrative has once again hijacked the Republican Party and all but guarantees this nation another 4 years of a financially unsustainable foreign policy blunders that work to alienate and destroy the creditability this country has worked so diligently to achieve during the 20th century.

Somehow, some way, the Republican Party has managed to drift away from the realist approach to foreign affairs into some sort of fantasy world that can only be described as tragic.

We have finally reached a point in American politics where vacations to Toronto and Cancun (and 1 trip off the North American continent in 40 plus years) are acceptable foreign policy experience for our 2nd in command.


Well said.

It's truely disheartening to see win-at-all-costs conservatives and GOP spinmeisters swallow this tripe whole.

Honestly, they could find a way to put a positive spin on picking Dane Cook as VP. It's become all about the game and no longer about having a genuinely different idea of what's good for America.

We've been Hannitized.

J. Strupp

I haven't had a chance to listen to the talking heads today but I'm sure the focus of conversation is solely on Charles Gibson and not Palin's answers. Is there any doubt?


Perfect democrate showing on this. I doubt if charlie even ever read the doctrine?.! I have and many others have all with the same conclusion: "It is how each person interpits the doctrine. There is no solid foundation to the doctrine and it was meant to be that way. Kepp trying dem's maybe some year you will get it right. You haven't even started talking about your do noting congress. wake up

John Michlig

I don't think that last comment could possibly be authentic.

J. Strupp

That was awesome.

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