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September 05, 2008


Fred Keller


I can concede that by the following definition...

“Community organization is that process by which the people...organize themselves to 'take charge' of their situation and thus develop a sense of being a community together. It is a particularly effective tool for the poor and powerless as they determine for themselves the actions they will take to deal with the essential forces that are destroying their community and consequently causing them to be powerless.”

-Reverend Robert Linthicum, World Vision International

... that in a sense, our Founding Fathers could be considered ”Community Organizers,” but you’re not comparing Obama’s “community organizing” to the deeds of the First and Second Continental Congress’, are you?

Zach W.

Fred, I don't think anyone would compare what Obama did as a community organizer to what our Founding Fathers did; he's simply pointing out that community organizers are not without importance.


Does anyone really think John McCain was going to win in any community that HAS community organizers?

John Michlig

Coincidentally, I happen to be reading a book just now called PREDICTABLY IRRATIONAL ...

J. Strupp

That Noonan and Murphy piece was flat out hilarious.

J. Strupp

The GOP doing something rational would be quite irrational these days.

Somewhere is St. Paul, Pawlenty is still trying to figure out what the hell's going on.


Another situation where real life looks more like the plot of a bad movie or sitcom.

God help us.

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