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October 13, 2008


J. Strupp

Now overlay that poll with the choice of Gov. Palin as running mate.

People dismissed my opinion that McCain was "cooked" when he chose Palin. Bet they're hearing me now.

Somehow the talking heads think that McCain is losing because he isn't fighting back. McCain is losing because he chose to stop being the candidate that Americans knew he was. Now he's just a mouthpiece for a failed Republican party agenda that has cost this country so much.

His only chance of being elected was to distance himself from the A-holes that ran this country for the last 7 and a half years. He chose to embrace them.

Now he's going to lose.

All we can do is hope that November 4th will bury neo-conservativism in the landfill of failed American ideas once and for all. That would be some "change" I'd be happy to sign on for.


I've been watching the polls via a keen iPhone app, and the "Palin bump" is unmistakable.

Fact is, McCain is learning that he has do dance with who brung him, and that's the Bush establishment.

J. Strupp

I would call it the "Palin slide". McCain's numbers have slide off a cliff once people realized that he chose George W. Bush's female equivalent as a running mate.

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