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October 16, 2008


Bob the carpenter

"John McCain will regret his clumsy citation of "Joe the Plumber" in the debate last night, and his organization, I'm sure, already regrets planting "Joe" at an Obama event."

You might want to do a little more diligent research. "Joe the plumber" was tossing a football around in his front yard with his son when BO came into his neighborhood. Ahh, why let the facts get in the way when you can just make stuff up.


You'll pardon me if I remain the skeptic, "Bob," as truly "spontaneous" events like this for Republicans OR Democrats are few and far between.

We might even come to find out OBAMA's people put him there. :)

J. Strupp

Why would you be skeptical John?

Isn't it obvious that Joe makes $250,001 at his job as a licensed plumber and is in the process of buying his boss's company?

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