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October 27, 2008



That's sick. I just moved to a small town and now everything I need is within about 2 blocks. Its still tempting to drive, but I've been breaking myself of the habit.

I worked in a place in the Minneapolis area where driving less than a mile for lunch happened on a daily basis and when I think back on it and hear about this place, I can definitely relate!

Packing a lunch shouldn't seem that difficult either, but I've never been that on the ball.


You know, the urge to be "out and about" comes into play as well. I work at home, and I go out for lunch - via car or bike, as NOTHING is close - more than I care to admit.

Working in the traditional downtown environments, you nover have that problem. Take a walk down the street and you're fed and "let loose" for a bit.

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