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November 25, 2008


J. Strupp

Schiff was one of several guys warning of the pending disaster that came about when consumers, corporations and governments leveraged themselves beyond sustainablity.

That being said, Ben Stein and the other so called "analysts" have been wrong on commodity prices, the credit crisis, housing prices, the stock market, the overall health of financial institutions, the theory of global "decoupling", and on and on and on.

These guys are nothing more than the "crush your man" sports handicappers you hear on sports radio every Saturday morning. They have no idea because they are simply reciting the same ol' garbage they've been fed by other "analysts" on the street.

If you hear bullsh__ enough, it almost sounds true. Unfortunately, many of these idiots run investment portfolios too.

John Michlig

And none of these people are currently apologizing or expressing shame for their misguided arrogance.



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