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November 04, 2008


Zach W.

Wow, I don't know Pete Kosovich, but after reading this post and seeing that flier, he strikes me as a really "quality" guy.

Fred Keller

Excellent piece, John.

After watching and listening to Obama last night,and seeing the looks on the faces of "average Americans" in the Grant Park crowd, I came away with an "I'm proud to be an American" feeling (that's not sarcasm).

And while I don't embrace or agree with many of Obama's policy positions, I can embrace him as my President.

Be assured I will excercise my First Amendment rights during his term, but I can certainly give him and his administration the usual honeymoon period.


Thanks, Fred.

The point is this: Agree or disagree with Obama, the fact remains that he has engendered a NEW SPIRIT in a huge amount of formerly disinterested citizens who are now looking to work within the system.

Will it last? Let's hope so!

Bryan Maersch


I am surprised that Peko Pete did not bring up that Barack is a Arab Terrorist but maybe we will find that in one of his future flyer's.

As for the Planning Commission, I know the economy is bad, but do you really need those anonymous (cash filled) envelopes left by developers in your mailbox?


John Michlig

I already get the occasional envelope left by developers in my mailbox. But they're not filled with cash, nor anything you'd want to touch without rubber gloves.

Marissa F

Sir, you are a class act. Driving past the Peko sign everyday has caused me to grind my teeth. If I had found that flier in my mailbox, my reaction would not have been as polite.

Best of luck to you.

Lester Mieske

OHHH, HELP ME RHONDA!!!!! What would you have written if P.K. had donned a "Change /O'bama" shirt?

As far as campaigning goes....anything goes! There is no such thing as "etiquette". With all of the flagrant lies and deception B.O. fertilized us with, along with his cheap attacks on Sarah Palin, how can that compare with "stuffing mailboxes"?

Next time, write about the people who were campaigning for B.O. who REALLY deserve scrutiny. I give you: Wright, Rezko, and B.O.'s "bomber buddy" Bill Ayers.

John Michlig

Mr. Mieske's comment above could be engraved in stone and installed in parks across the land as a monument entitled What Might Have Been.

As good as you feel about voting for Barack Obama, a visit to this monument would make you feel even better.

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