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November 20, 2008


Bryan Maersch

I am going to say this because it is what many neighbors and others are saying about Southridge.


It is the stomping grounds for Hispanic Gangs. Most stores are geared Spangish.

No one in the southwest suburbs likes going there anymore.

J. Strupp

I disagree. No one likes shopping at Southridge because it's not a one-stop destination anymore. The consumer can drive to Mayfair and do all of their shopping in one swoop, if they must. The design of Mayfair mall is cumbersome and horribly designed but offers the retailb outlets suburbanites demand. This holds true regardless of economic conditions.

Southridge doesn't have the sufficient mix of retailers to be considered a one-stop destination. Not anymore at least.

I'm skeptical whether the re-development of Southridge mall will bring about the quality retailers necessary to ensure it's success.


I firmly believe that the sorts of businesses and retailers that the area needs to remain (become?) a vibrant community with real public space will NOT respond to another enclosed mall. The Bayshore configuration is the wave of the future, and that is surely in the cards for Southridge if they have their collective heads screwed on right.

Bryan Maersch

Josh I guess that is why Mayfair is doing so well....


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