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November 13, 2008



So you're absolved because you used "legit" media outlets as your source to continue a smear campaign. Mind if I ask what those were?

John Michlig

No absolution. The "Eisenstadt Hoax" effectively showed that "legit" media is capable of being culpable.

Unfortunately for "Joe," he has sufficient other contradictory baggage to keep us amused.


Almost forgot to answer this part: The "legit" media I waited for (because I'm naturally suspicious) were - - I have no idea; can't remember, took no notes. I just know I was too chicken to believe it until I'd seen a mainstream journalistic site go with it. In fact, one site maintained by a journalist detailed a bunch of research the guy had done to get a fix on the relationship; I gotta dig that one up.

I read this, I remember, to see if the name matched: http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html?res=9D0CE3DC143EF933A25751C1A967958260

This page was exciting because it includes a picture of a GI Joe artifact I featured in a book I wrote (hence, I remember it):

"Joe the Plumber" remains a hollow political figure based on his acknowledged contradictions to the cartoon the RNC attempted to create. And my problems with Palin have little to do with whether she misidentified Africa or who specifically passed along that vindictive tidbit

I find the "Palin is not too bright" meme to be distasteful (and untrue) and instead tried to concentrate on her propensity to lie and cover-up when it suits her.

And insofar as the Eisenstadt Hoax reminded people of the Keating-McCain cozy clutch and the damage Keating caused to unsuspecting Americans - - there is a bit of irony there.


The election is done...Your man won..GET OVER IT already


I get what you're saying, BD, but the Eisenstadt Hoax is fascinating, and I have to own up to being taken in.

Also, the BIG winner in this election is none other than SARAH PALIN, and I will NOT give her a free ride.

Johanna Markham

Seems to me that the people calling this a case of liberal media bias are way off the mark. It's more likely a symptom of media of all stripes just going too fast to do a decent job of reporting. More on that here:

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