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December 03, 2008


Al Foeckler

John -

The only reason your metaphor between driving and picking one's nose is not on all fours is that, by my own experience (I have four sons under age 8), with nose-picking there is an endless renewable resource to mine - not so with driving and the use of oil. Makes McIlhernan's assertion even worse.


John Michlig


"Endless renewable resource" is a great euphemism for "booger" that I will have to start using around the house.

J. Strupp

That whole paragraph is amazing. As Americans "get richer"? I guess this guy's column isn't found in the business section of the MJS.

Who's betting on this "being the end of the road"?

Did I miss something? Did someone in Washington vow to tear up our freeway system in the name of public transportation?

Likewise, who is debating that the age of gas is over?

Do they have editors over there?

Janet Evans

Hey...This is just ICK. It's like a TV commercial that I watched and can't remember what it was about.

And why do so many men have to pick their noses when they drive?

Sorry, I can't focus. I have to leave now.



The sad irony, which I'm not afraid to admit, is that at the very moment I interwebbed over to your blog and saw this post, I was picking my nose.

But seriously, echoing J, I'll never understand why those who backlash against public transit tend to be paranoid that their cars are going to be confiscated and they will be forced at gunpoint onto a bus or train.

Like your car? Sweet! You can have it! Can I have a speeding train? Upset that your tax dollars will pay for my train? My tax dollars pay for your roads! How bout a little quid pro quo. That's all I ask.

John Michlig

I salute your honesty, Jeff.

And now that we're getting ready to hand the auto companies boatloads of cash, should we be talking about how great this whole asphalt/vehicle/oil setup is working?

J. Strupp


I bought an SUV for nothing a few months ago and gas is about to be $1.20/gallon. This asphalt, vehicle, oil thing is working just fine for me right now.

John Michlig

"... working just fine for me right now."

Do you like the sound of that?

Nose picking.

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