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December 21, 2008


Fred Keller

Welcome to Franklin Population: 35,010
57 Banks
2 Sendik’s (1”Market” and 1 “Fine Foods”)
2 Cousin’s Subs “shoppes”
3 TIF Districts, and...

John Michlig

.... And no place for a $10 martini.

(If you sing it fast, it fits).

Greg Kowalski

... And don't forget the 125 gas stations! Oh, and of course the Target.

Bryan Maersch

.... and no new Buffalo Wild Wings like Oak Creek has.


What's with the horrible lack of communication from the shoppes developement? The website shoppeswv.com has not been updated in a year and a half and even that does not say anything that we don't already know. If a cousins is the first and only tenant announced then I would assume it will only get worse. Let me guess what will be announced next a barber or salon, pizza shop, cell phone store, tanning salon, some kind of hallmark or worthless junk store, or a karate school. How about a damn Suburpia instead. Their making a comeback.


Personally, i'd like to see a Starbuck's or a Pizza Hut on the outer shoppe ring.

Greg Kowalski

Isn't there a Pizza Hut on 76th & Rawson?

J. Strupp

You forgot to add "Payday Loans" to your "Shoppes" list Pat. That would be funny if it wasn't so completely possible at this point.


Greg, my comment was pure, 100% snark. Sometimes tough to convey that tone in intertubes machine format.

J. Strupp

How about a "Cost Cutters" too.

Nothing says upscale like a vegamatic haircut.

John Michlig

Oh please - can we have another BANK?

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