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December 16, 2008



I thought of the exact same things RE: the Bush admin appointments when I first heard about this. I admire Ms. Baranowski for wanting to take part in government, and she should have that ability. Further I always welcome dissenting and diverse viewpoints into a process. But I draw the line at nominating someone who seemingly stands quite firmly against the very core mission of the commission in question.

I don't know Ms. Baranowski, but judging soley by that letter, perhaps the Economic Development Commission would be more appropriate.

Al Foeckler

It will be interesting to see who gets the nod for the open Plan Commission seat. Carstensen perhaps?

J. Strupp

This appointment is simply public sabotage of a commission whose very existence runs contrary to the Mayor's interests. I don't dig into local politics as much as I should but antics such as these just make me sick.

Why not just be a man and eliminate the commission altogether instead of playing greaseball politics and undermining it from within?

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