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January 06, 2009



Unfortunately too many ho-dunk bar/restaurants and "supper clubs," in the state have "installed," the same system. Unfortunately our legislators will have to oppose the tavern league wishes to change the rules.

Fortunately some establishments have made the change to entirely non-smoking on their own, and have seen more business than their competitors, even in the down-turn economy.

Patrick Baker

Please patronize restaurants that are smoke free. Plenty of restaurant owners chose to be smoke free. It really is up to the owner to decide what makes sense for their restaurant...not government.

As a former restaurant owner, it was my choice to be smoke free. Even though I am a non-smoker and really hate to be around smoke, I don't want to be told by government that I must be smoke free.

The easiest form of democracy is to spend your money at businesses that reflect your wishes and needs.


I, like Patrick, lean towards the libertarian view on this subject.

And, John, I denounce you in advance for suggesting it is because I'm a smoker. How dare you cast aspersions regarding my ideological integrity!

(please note facetiousness)


Your state doesn't have a smoking ban? Evwrywhere I go has had a smoking ban for almost three years. First, Montgomery and Prince George's County, MD instituted a restaurant and bar smoking ban. Then, the District of Columbia. Then, Baltimore. Seeing that the sky didn't fall and restaurant and bar revenue went up because many people who didn't go out because they couldn't breathe started going out more, the whole state of Maryland went smoke free. There are similar laws in effect in Delaware, New Jersey, and New York City. I can't remember off the top of my head if Philadelphia has similar rules. Arlington and Fairfax Counties in Virginia want to do the same thing but their state's political system is set up so that Richmond can overrule them. And they do because the rest of the state just does it because they can.

Basically, my entire world is smoke-free. I go out more. It has worked well, socially, too. Non-smokers no longer resent smokers for making their experience miserable. Smokers that are polite no longer have to worry about their second-hand smoke.

This is an example where other people are doing it and it works well. Your community would benefit just as much as all the states and big east coast cities where not smoking in bars and restaurants is currently the law of the land.

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