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January 22, 2009


Michael J. Cheaney

Ok I'm confused. Shouldn't a person who is in the throes of Poverty in the City of Milwaukee be working HARDER?

And rewarding them with 9 extra days off accomplishes this how?

John Michlig

Wow. That was actually pretty vile on a couple of levels.


John, you've been 100% dead-on in your posts regarding sick leave. I'm proud to have been able to cast my vote for it last year. I'm fortunatey enough to be doing well for myself now and have a job that offers ostensibly unlimited paid sick leave, but having come from a meager background I understand firsthand the hardships endured by parents working low wage jobs that force you to choose between a paycheck and your/your family's/the public's health. Though anybody with the capacity to empathize should be able to recognize that. In this great country that should never, ever, have to be a choice.

Shouldn't the businesses whining about this stop crying "victim", pull themselves up by the bootstraps, and use this as motivation to get out there and achieve just a little more to compensate?

And shouldn't my conservative friends who've railed against my city's ordinance never again be allowed to tout their "family-values" cred?

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