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January 20, 2009


Scott Thinnes

Arrived where???

To me, every day is a GREAT day to be an American.

Every four years we celebrate a great day as we show the rest of the world that we are the greatest society on Earth when we swear in a new, duly and freely elected leader and once again execute a peaceful transition of power.

Seven years ago President Bush’s approval rating hovered around 80%; today, as he leaves office it’s around 20%. Aren’t we a fickle people. I wish for President Obama a smoother road.

John Michlig

I always feel fortunate to be an American - - blessed by luck of birth. I have opportunities available that I do not take for granted.

However, some days - some eras - glow with greater intensity than others. And some days - like a day that illustrates the America tradition of smooth transfer of power - are powerful reminders.

Furthermore, it's not enough to say "America is great." You have to "DO" great. Bush's low approval rating has NOTHING to do with the fickleness of the people, and EVERYTHING to do with the fact that his tenure was a multi-level failure that is further exposed with each passing day. Good riddance.

We are passengers on the American journey. You would do well to begin to recognize and celebrate our various destinations and touchpoints rather than exclaim "Arrived where?" on a day like today.

J. Strupp

Come on let's be honest here.

Anyone who fails to see the special significance of this inauguration (even if only in a strictly historic sense), is either kidding themselves or is showing subtle disdain for the man and/or his politics.

Here are a few quick local examples of the latter:



John Michlig

Bitter, indeed.

Steve F Taylor

I am a little disturbed that there are still those who cannot be excited about the new administration without being critical of the Bush Administration. There are just as many individuals who think that President Bush did nothing right as there are who think President Obama is in over his head. President Bush and his administration went out of their way too make a smooth transition for the incoming President. Anyone remember how Clinton left the White House?

I didn't vote for Obama but he is my President for the next four years. I may disagree with many of his policies but I hope for Nation's sake that they succeed. There are high expectations of this President. Let us see if he can deliver. Failure will result in a flight back to Chicago in four years.


I'm not fond of all the fanfare. It's an inaugural oath, not a coronation. Why is this transition of power any more significant that the others? They've all been important.

J. Strupp

"Why is this transition of power any more significant that the others?"

The actual act of transitioning power from one President to the next is not any more significant than other inaugurations.

But to ignore the social and/or historical significance of this particular inauguration seems to be an attempt by many to display a subtle contempt for the new President by speaking only to the literal process of transition.


I find it a little disturbing that there are still those who cannot be excited about the previous administration without being critical of the Clinton Administration.

Mr. Bush may have put up the nice facade, and said all the right things to the public during the transition, while behind the scenes he "burrowed" hundreds of hack political appointees into ostensibly non-partisan career civil service positions so they can continue their ideology-at-all-costs-facts-be-damned battle for years to come, and issuing dozens of egregious executive orders designed to line the pockets of his cronies at the expense of our national and environmental health. Good riddance to that guy and his admitted war criminal of a Vice President, indeed. Talk about a guy that was in over his head.

And to note: Bush's approval rating was in the 80's in the aftermath of a national tragedy, which is pretty typical of Presidential approvals following national tragedies and disasters. Ironic that Obama's is in the 70's-80's?

John Michlig

"Why is this transition of power any more significant that the others?"

Wow. That's when ideology becomes dogma to the point that the blinders go on.

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