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February 18, 2009


Fred Keller

From FranklinNOW:

"This whole business of government legislating sick leave, or any other kind of benefit, is government in a place they don't belong,' Sohns said."

Hmmm... So, by passing an ordinance stating that "the city cannot require Franklin private employers to provide "particular wages or benefits" to their employees, the City isn't legislating?



I am a big believer in the referendum. This one was an exception because the voters were voting themselves a benefit.

If Milwaukee wants this--fine. The unintended consequence is it will cost them jobs as more employers evacuate to Germantown, Meno Falls, and Franklin.

John Michlig

germantown_kid, you did not mention the TRUE consequence of the Franklin ordinance, which is to eliminate the possibility of citizen-driven reform.

Does business need regulation? Look around you!

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