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February 13, 2009


Dave Reid

I had exactly the same thoughts. Doesn't Sonic encapsulate the problems and not the solutions.

John Michlig

Well, you can't deny the pull of a a hip commercial, faux-diner decor, and MANY VARIETIES OF CORN SYRUP-DERIVED PRODUCTS.


Zach W.

Nicely said, John. While I'm sure I'll visit Sonic at least once to see what all the fuss is about, I've found that I've enjoyed not eating nearly as much junk/fast food as I used to. I'm seeing weight melt off, and it's a great feeling.


Spot on, John. Couldn't have said it better myself.

Jon Zawacki

Oak Creek can have it.

John Michlig

Yup - whoever is keeping score can give Oak Creek the fast food win.

Franklin Resident

Oak Creek can have it yes, but will Franklin ever get? Or get and keep? Local business is a great concept but as we have seen that failed for 2 local businesses and how many more to come. Do we really need a Sports Cuts, ANOTHER Cousin Subs not really,but that is what we are getting and a CVS??

John Michlig

Since I've become a member of the Economic Development Commission, I've learned a few disturbing facts about how we engage businesses here in Franklin. For instance, the grant given to Staybridge AFTER they'd already committed to the Franklin site and finalized their plans was not at all logical, and it's something I'm looking into.

Local businesses that applied for the same grant, by the way, were DENIED. This needs to change.

Bryan Maersch

Yes John I believe you and Zawacki will be looking into the Staybridge scandal.

But just what are the two of you doing to PROMOTE the economic development of Franklin?

All I am seeing is criticism, but nothing on your or Jon's parts to PROMOTE and get this "Nirvana" you expound on.

In the mean time, all of the rest of us from Franklin will have to "jump in our cars" and go to Oak Creek to find any kind of variety of shopping or restaurants.

Unless of course you like substandard Mexican food at Gus's. Pass those reused chips and salsa please!

John Michlig

"Not logical" does not equal "scandal." The grant to Staybridge is a process issue that needs to be addressed so that, in the immediate future, the grant can indeed have utility as an incentive to businesses that truly NEED it. And, if you haven't noticed, we're looking at some tough economic times for potential local small businesses that could use a boost getting started.

In fact, if you'll consult the online digital tape of the last EDC meeting that's posted at the city web site, you'll hear my fairly extensive and well-received comments to the effect that...

Oh, that's right - - just can't seem to get that digital recording thing worked out. (Sorry, cheap quid pro quo shot - to which I was entitled, by the way).

As for the rest, "all you see" is more a function of your personal viewpoint (and lack of access to digitally recorded meetings and posted pdfs?) than any manner of reality. If you base your perception on only what you read in the blogs (including this one) and what Alderman Olson tells you over root beers, you're a bit undernourished.

When lassoing purveyors of grease surrounded by blacktop becomes "economic development" or even "community development," I'll start sending roses to Taco Bell and Burger King. In the meantime, I believe there is a better way. You are free to disagree.

John Michlig

Just got an email:

"Please be advised that next Monday’s, February 23, 2009, EDC Meeting is cancelled."

Bryan Maersch

John, we all know that the very few of you who bitch about not having that digital audio for the mass public to hear are the ONLY ones who are complaining about it.

The only Alderman other than Steve (he is so bad) Olson is Steve Taylor, neither of which has said that there is an outpouring of constituents demanding digital audio.

NOT ONE city website in Milwaukee county has digital audio of their meetings. Only the City of Milwaukee has their meetings on video.

The current restructure and purchase of the new CSS to easily allow the drop in of digital audio along with many other features have taken a higher priority for our Technology Commission chair Scott Meade who has been working on it with Northwoods, our CSS provider, Mark Luberda,and Sandy Wesolowski since November of last year.

Scott who is an IT professional on the staff of M&I spends his own personal time on this development. He is also the chair of the Audio and Video streaming subcommittee.

But what the heck, lets just run out to Radio Shack and buy a bunch of digital tape recorders, throw them at the staff and say, have at it.

No training, no plan on storage, no rules, just have at it. That sounds like something Greg would come up with.

No wonder you and Jon have been the moving force on the EDC as you sip on your Mocha Latiato's from Starbucks.

Wait... All you have done is bitched about the Sick Leave ordinance and Staybridge.

When you have done something rather than bitch about others. Then you can brag.

But so far Nada.

Makes you wonder why the Mayor chose someone else for the Planning Commission. (I think I was entitled to this one too.)

John Michlig

Mocha Latiato's?

Bryan Maersch

Sorry I meant "Caramel Macchiato"



wow i am really surprised with the stereotype you have made sonic to be. people can go to sonic eat a sensible meal, and shut off their engine, and enjoy it on the lawn or patio. i worked at sonic when i got out of high school, moved my from a cook to the associate manager, where i recieved the associate manager of the year award at the age of 20. i learned to love business while working there. had a store offered to me but declined and am going for my business degree so that i can own my own franchise, or hell my own new chain of restaurants. before you say that franklin doesnt need this restaurant because you think only fat lazy people; who waste gas go there, maybe you should think of the opportunity it could bring to the people that actually need jobs in your community ,unless of course franklin hasn't been effected by the horrble economy. sonic doesnt promote bad eating habits, there are healthy alternatives on every fast food menu. i am healthy female and i weigh 120lbs because of the decisions i make and i can still enjoy fast food. just because there would be one more fast food resaturant in franklin wouldnt change my decision of how much fast food i eat. or anyone esle with good judgement.

John Michlig

Let's keep in mind, Christie, that I'm not talking about PICKETING or PROTESTING a Sonic location in Franklin; I'm just saying that, in light of another blogger's enthusiasm for a Sonic location in Franklin, my opinion is that it would not be my first choice.

Also, we miss NOTHING if we don't get a Sonic (I'm sure I'll visit the one in Oak Creek). On the other hand, any opportunity to get a restaurant or diner that doesn't simply spew vehicles in and out all day is, I believe, worth pursuing.

Dave Reid

just a quick test

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