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February 24, 2009


J. Strupp

I think you've seen the peak in new store openings for both companies.

John Michlig

They certainly own the high ground and can afford to rest or even retract a bit.

Now watch the rising scourge of EMPTY BIG BOX BUILDINGS.


"They certainly own the high ground and can afford to rest or even retract a bit."

Sounds good, but the nature of the beast is that they must keep expanding or die. The need for continually growing returns for the shareholders and the corporation's legal obligation to meet that need dictates such.

Must. Keep. Growing. Until. Too. Big. To. Fail. That's the world we live in - it's all or nothing (or more accurately, all and then nothing).

John Michlig

That is an excellent observation, but we may see the paradigm shift in the upcoming business climate. A lot of "culture-shifts" are due to occur - - including, perhaps, the idea of "grow or die."

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