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February 13, 2009


Dave Reid

Ok, so I find that pretty funny.

Zach W.

Perhaps Carstensen will market the parking lot as a thrill ride and sell tickets!

Fred Keller


Scott Thinnes

A sea of asphalt... complete with the waves and all.

Fred Keller

Is it possible that this has nothing to do with wetlands and asphalt?

Could this be an optical illusion caused by the camera angle?

Is the parking lot actually level, and the parking lines simply painted by some drunk?

Enquiring Franklin bloggers want to know...

Fred Keller

Then again, this would make a great skateboard park!

John Michlig

I may drive through with a handheld video camera just to show the hops you get on this surface. GREAT for skateboards; not so cool for the family van.


Maybe you've been underestimating Carstensen all along, and he has shown himself here to be in touch with some of the finer aspects of modern traffic calming theory and practices used in more intelligently developed suburbs??!!

Or not.


It would be supremely awesome to see a time-lapse of this.


And maybe the cracking is meant as a revolutionary technique in breathable pavement design, allowing the native wetlands to continue receiving the sunlight, water, and nutrients they would otherwise need to thrive.

And perhaps the dips and dives are designed as mini "future wetlands" to catch storm runoff.

Damn, the more I think about this, the more I think you just plain jumped the gun in casting aspersions here, Michlig.

John Michlig

Yes, I may have spoken too soon. Perhaps this pliable surface is the wave (or RIPPLE) of the future ...

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