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March 18, 2009



Such radical common sense.

Terribly Disappointed

Frankly, I am terribly disappointed in our city government. I became involved in city government about 2 years ago, and since that time, have seen atrocious behavior from our Common Council and Mayor. These people apparently have their own agenda - and "damn the people for getting in their way." They have these so-called Citizen Comment Periods to pretend that they care what we say - but maybe now it sounds like they don't even bother to pretend to care. Then, they just go ahead do what they want to do anyway. Don't these people realize that they work for us? The only one on that Common Council that ever seems to work FOR THE PEOPLE is Alderman Wilhelm - wish she was my alderman. Can't these money-hungry and power-hungry aldermen and mayor realize that the people of Franklin don't want all this development. We don't want Target in the backyards of half million dollar houses; we don't want a sea of aphalt buckling and bursting because it was built on a wetland; we don't want churches torn down because you want to make a road bigger; we don't want bike trails in our back yards; we don't want the BOOMGUARD District. Leave our city alone. Go run for office in some other city and wreck that city instead of ours.

Franklin Resident

The comments you made concerning your opposition to expanding 51st street were right on. The only problem is the Mayor, certain alderman and our city engineer have there own agenda. They did not listen to you at all.

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