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March 31, 2009


Fred Keller

Great news, John! Who are the new tenants for the dilapidated Jewel store on 27th Street, and what business will occupy the year-long, vacated Tumbleweeds restaurant? That crumbling orange building on 27th Street and Drexel Avenue; any interested parties? Please share!

And let’s not forget the Buckhorn tavern, I hear they’re remodeling; not that it needed it or anything. I’m certain it’s the “jewel of Franklin” to its patrons.

John Michlig

They are all slated to become cigarette/check cashing kiosks.

Problem solved!

A nameless blogger

...... and Fred, here I thought you were opting for three new Franklin Strip Clubs. 1) On the Other Border (formerly Tumbleweeds) 2) The Jewel of the Nile (the old Jewel of course) 3) Tijuana Taxi (crumbling old Mexican Restaurant).

However, I have heard #3 may become Gus's East!

Last thing that was posted on the DOT site was the Buckhorn Inn is to be part of the Ryan road roundabout and drive through liquor store.

Janet Evans

Sounds like it's all "Crap To Go" to me.

BTW - Will there be a ribbon cutting ceremony at the Buckhorn's reopening?

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