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March 25, 2009


Ann Yarborough

I only like the quote and it may refer to the current decision and manufacture cost to taxpayers and riders of the new 25 shileds to be installed on MCTS busses.First it protects, 2nd it will give some attitudinal drivers more ego attitude against innocent riders that drivers get tired of seeing daily and act out on by using the bus and acceleration as a vengance.
3rdly althoug it may give the sheriff's dept clout over perpetrators it can also endanger passengers, have seen it before w/Wackenutt security, and let's big brother over zealous, just hope it works both ways for legitmate riders as well as for protection of driver! Ex:Jeff Wagner of TMJ@least let MilwaukeeMoms.com org aire their concerns re:dist assist police holsetering weapons on campuses but the board was ready to vote that evening of the commentary and well what we may have now is another Columbine, Virginia Tech only this time the unsuspecting,innocent student or students may get hurt or...if a trigger happy, over zealous rookie,assist to public safety on these campuses pulls their weapon inappropriately and well the rest could be history but we surely hope not. It was mentioned to us once that all though it is a defense to defend w/shields and weapons it is an alienation and threat and invasion of civilians who no perptrate others and well anything can go wrong but we digress to the airline security tactics after 911 and the violations of passengers civil rights repeatedly there but hey we live w/it, don't we, well I guess we'll have to live w/more possibly at least until the human level of diginity and respect is stretched so far out it cannot be brought back and not to mention the extent of how far we can go to detriorate the freedoms we have or had. Let's see the fictious predictions of George Orwell's Animal Farm, Lord of the Flies, some that come to mind that do not seem so fictious now. There has to be a better alternative to preserving oneself against threats, violence, etc. there has got to be people, thanx, C in the West.


@Ann Yarborough: wuhhhh? Translation please.

@Michlig: So, Einstin was speaking of the conundrum of collecting data for extremely small scale experiments (little did he know it would become the chief road block to proving modern quantum physics theory, which could unravel all the mysteries of the universe)...in what context do you mean to apply that quote? Inquiring mind(s) want to know!!!


"..it will give some attitudinal drivers more ego attitude.."

I'm seriously not the type to make fun, so apologies if anyone's offended, but i can't stop laughing.

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