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March 20, 2009


Janet Evans

This is very timely. Yesterday I was talking to someone about walking the streets of Franklin. She lives down off of 35th and Forest Hill. She said she took a bike ride and went a mile from her home and actually got lost. Can you believe it? Lost in your own backyard.

The entanglement of streets is so ridiculous in that area it's beyond description.

John Michlig

I remember doing for a run in the subdivision across Drexel from my house and getting hopelessly lost. I also remember wrenching my ankle in that same subdivision and needing to hobble home - 1/2 miles as the crow flies, but about 2.5 miles on streets that swirled and banked AWAY from where I needed to go before curving back.

Made for vehicles and nothing else.

John Michlig

GOING for a run ... ("doing for a run"?)

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