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April 16, 2009


Scott Thinnes

Since this is a Common Council meeting I don't suppose citizens will be able to speak; except during the citizen comment period at the beginning of the meeting, or, if the council should happen to suspend the regular rules during the meeting. I doubt if that will happen.

Since this is a Special "Regular" Common Council meeting, any of the agena items can be acted on upon proper motion, right?

Considering the topics in play here. Wouldn't the process be better served if these general discussions were held within a Committee of the Whole meeting(s)? That would allow citizens to attend, hear the discussions, formulate their own ideas and opinions, and then communicate those ideas and opinions with their elected representatives before final consideration and action at a future Common Council meeting?

John Michlig

Minimal citizen input. Very sad.

Count on perhaps three residents in attendance.

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