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April 03, 2009


Steve F. Taylor

A vote of the Common Council was not required due to the fact that the 51st street project no longer qualified. Also, it was my opinion that the veto issue was DOA and I am still very comfortable with my initial vote on March 17th. Those are reasons enough for me to vote NO.

John Michlig

Not to put too fine a point on it, Steve, but a vote WAS required, waste of time or not.

Sustaining a veto rendered moot by circumstance (an "aye" vote) is an equally moot gesture. I still can't understand a "nay" vote in that circumstance. Not condemning it; just can't understand it. I don't imagine that you disagreed with the spirit of the veto or the language used in the mayor's letter accompanying the veto, so I'm left with "inexplicable."

In Alderman Olson's case, however (his was the other "nay"), there is likely another dynamic at play that I will ask him about over ice cream sundaes some day.

Franklin Resident - 3rd District

I am just so sick of our elected officials more interested in themselves and not our children in this community. I know it costs money to build roads but what is the cost of a human life when one of our children is struck and killed by a driver because we could not take the time up front to make a safe road. It can be added later is so sickening to hear come out of our common council man and woman, and when one says how about a trail of some sort so we can get our children off the roads, the snickers and taking amongst themselves was downright rude. I am ashamed to say that I wanted to live in Franklin, now am looking elsewhere to raise my children

John Michlig

One thing is for sure: Their self-interest can be leveraged to the advantage of our children and differently-abled neighbors as long as people continue to articulate their desire for a better designed community.

It takes a while to change the course of such a large ship, but I see a little progress.

Fred Keller

To put it very bluntly, the Franklin Common Council members who voted to suspend the Buckhorn Tavern’s license for a short 90 days as opposed to revoking it, clearly demonstrated to me how much they value the lives of Franklin citizens.

“Big tough talk” immediately after the West Allis couple was killed by a drunken-driver patron of the Buckhorn on Christmas 2007; cowardly disposition over a year later. The priorities of a number of aldermen and the mayor are seriously messed-up.

“Responsible Leadership”?! What a JOKE!

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