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April 28, 2009



You do a great job putting into words many of the reasons I, as a young professional, left Franklin to buy a home in the City of Milwaukee last year.

-Franklin feels like a "community" stuck in the mud and in a 1950's mindset. Some of the attitudes I've witnessed from CC members explains why that is.
-Walkable neighborhoods, where unless I'm traveling to visit family in Racine I never have to spend money on gas over the weekend (or on weeknights when searching for dinner!)
-Proximity to mass transit
-Won't get off topic, but some of the other hot button topics addressed the last few months there that have shown the reactionary nature of Franklin's leaders.

Those are all reasons I now pay my taxes to and support the local businesses of Milwaukee.

Franklin has a choice to make: adjust with the times or stay stuck in the mud, left behind.

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