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April 07, 2009



Visually, the after picutre looks great, no doubt. But what happens to a major thoroughfare when you go from 6 lanes (as shown in the original picture), to 3 lanes (one of which is reserved strictly for bus traffic)? The after picture has eliminated all of the street parking. I would think that this proposal, while visually appealing, would be very impractical in the real world.

John Michlig

Raymond, you understandably proceed from a premise informed by the longtime status quo - - since debunked.

Six lanes? It's been shown that roads are notoriously over-built by zealous engineers who respond to woefully inaccurate traffic studies. In the end, constantly building capacity and "throughput" simply INDUCES traffic.

STREET PARKING: Glad you pointed that out - this is important. If you actually count the available spaces, you lose the ability to park about 20 cars when on-street parking is eliminated or thinned, which, on the one hand, could be easily made up for in rear-building lots and even a purpose-built ramp. Remember, this is a WALKABLE DISTRICT, so hiking four blocks from the ramp is no huge problem.

The better alternative, though, is that you begin to cultivate a different set of behaviors. "Why should I drive downtown and struggle/pay to park when I can just get on a comfortable Metrolink bus/train from the park-and-ride and work on my laptop on the way in?"

Guess what? Fewer cars make those 3 lanes pretty roomy as well.

THAT'S the real world. "Impractical," frankly, is where we are at right now.

Franklin Resident

So who is sending in a picture of our UNLivable city to be transformed into a Livable one? Would love to see it

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