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May 18, 2009



Definitely more convenient than the Office Depot on 76th and Layton or the OfficeMax way up on 27th and Loomis, but one has to wonder how many office supply stores we really need.

Speaking of store openings, I drove past the former Charcoal Grill/Philadelphia Pizza on 27th St. and saw that painting and other renovation work is being done and there's an "Opening Soon" sign back in the window. Does anyone know what kind of a place will be going in there?

(Relatedly, does anyone know what happened to Philadelphia Pizza/Pasta/Grill? That place spent at least a year getting ready to open, and it couldn't have lasted longer than a couple months. Both times I went there the food seemed pretty good.)

John Michlig

I think the Charcoal Grill/Philadelphia Pizza "Opening Soon" sign MAY be a relic of the former tenant.

If something new is coming, it wasn't brought up at the latest Economic Development Commission meetings.

Janet Evans

O'Malley's Irish Pub

New sign in place this past weekend. Sign looks sharp. paint job...not so much.

There's just something about 27th Street...It's kind of like My Fair Lady or Pretty Woman. You can plop the most beautiful looking business there...it's still going to be 27th Street all around you.

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