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June 14, 2009


The River Otter

I rather like the roundabout on S. 6th St. by Conejito's Place, now that I am used to it. It is not, however, pedestrian-friendly, despite its proximity to that really cool walkable bridge. My real point is that, your story highlights the need to always be alert when driving, both for your safety and that of others. More roundabouts and bumpouts are going in, like them or not.

John Michlig

"Always be alert" is indeed the key, and the prime reason that roundabouts offers a safer environment for cars and pedestrians alike.

Could anything be less walker-friendly than a traditional intersection, with cars arbitrarily turning from behind and in front of you?


"We do not like what we do not know."

I could riff on the depth and profoundness of truth in that statement for days.

John Michlig

I wish I could I was first to say that.

John Michlig

I wish I could SAY I was first to say that.

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