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August 03, 2009


Dave Reid

The "sidewalks" and fancy stamped/colored pavement is odd because nobody will ever walk on.

John Michlig

The message there is, "Sidewalk?!?!? Here's your freaking SIDEWALK!"

Much less useful and pleasant than simply perfunctory.


I was there on 8/3 with my family at 8 PM at night. Target looked like they were ready to close then, the Starbucks and Food Court were already closed, and it seemed like a ghost town in there. We went to Ferch's, and there was like 10 people in there when we started, and another 10 people came in while we were having our desserts.

I think you have to give it time. There's nothing there to attract people to that location yet. Huntington Learning Center's looked like they were finished with drywall, and Cousins and the haircut place were closed.

I remember when the Target in New Berlin was like a ghost town the first year or so as well. The same with the Target in Oak Creek. I'm happy that it's a Target, and not a Wal-Mart.

J. Strupp

As was proven by Sendik's closing in less than a year, these establishments do not have the luxury to "give it time".

Side note:

The haircut place wasn't closed. It was never completed.


If you want to see an example of what time can do to a new commercial development, go visit the New Berlin City Center. Since opening in late 2005, it went from being a promising development to a weed infested ghost town. Baker’s Ice Cream is gone. IHOP is gone. Dinner by Design and Great Wraps are barely clinging to life.

Ferch’s will have an uphill climb to get the Shoppes at Wyndham Village location up to the business that the Greendale location has. The reason Ferch’s is successful in Greendale is primarily because of location. The operation is chaotic and unsanitary. Employees rarely wear gloves when handling food. Heck, they don’t even wash their hands before handling food even after handling money.

As a native of Greendale, and now a Franklin resident for nearly 20 years, my wife and I visit the village center to eat at Ricardos, walk, and enjoy the gazebo concerts during the summer. None of that exists in Franklin. Further, the Franklin Ferch’s is cannibalizing some of the Greendale business instead of generating all new business.

Unless the Shoppes can bring in some good quality tenants that draw many more people into the center, Ferch’s and Cousins won’t last long. People like me who shopped at Sendik’s will just go over to the one on Rawson. Pick’n’Save won’t be able to retain all of the Sendik’s shoppers.

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