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September 29, 2009


Greg Kowalski


Yet another example of leadership not realizing that the times have past them. Perhaps term limits should be imposed on commissioners, aldermen, and the mayor's office to ensure that there will be some form of "new blood" in those positions within a certain timeframe.

To have EDC member(s?) react with an answer like that to your very valid point of filling in current vacancies only tells me that they're still thinking Franklin is in the midst of an economic development boom.

Such commissions like the EDC need to put priorities together, and put current Franklin developments first rather than on the backburner in favor of more "empty" proposals - literally.

John Michlig

I think the EDCs focus is narrow - and NARROWING - when it has to get much broader. It may fall to me to rock the boat and endure a few more icy stares.

J. Strupp

If the EDC's primary mission is to facilitate the, "development of tracts of land to attract business.", then you guys are going to have an extremely light workload the next few years.

John Michlig

I may have to someday post the audio from the now-infamous "Michlig meeting" where I had about 5 items on the agenda -- all batted away until the last one (my coffee shop/co-working concept).

Light workload, indeed.

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