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October 30, 2009


Bryan Maersch

I think it would be a great idea to add the tower to the collection of the Franklin Historical Society. (Ok - Just kidding too)

Scott Thinnes

Maybe a little hometown excitement; could there be an implosion in Franklin's future?

That new com tower should be designed with an attachment point for an awesome aquautic center water slide. That way so many Franklin residents would have another reason to pine for the county financed water park. Even though the county refuses to spend the over $107,000,000 Franklin has contributed to their coffers since 2000, to adequately fix and improve their Franklin roads.

Of course, when it comes to tax financed projects, we wouldn't want to consider more that one project at a time. Someone may actually have to prioritize if that was the case. Lets just use limited resources to build a fun aquatics center now. It will be easy to justify tax increases later to pay for something as essential as roads.

Bryan Maersch


Maybe we could fund a right turn lane from 51st onto Drexel with a raffle for who would get to light the fuse for the implosion.

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