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February 12, 2010



Oak Creek knows what they are doing here. That strip of Drexel between the freeway and 27th street is one of the worst strips of roads in that area. They were basically forced to repave it due to its condition a year or so ago. (It was bad pot holes everywhere to the point where I no longer took that way.) But when they fixed it up they decided not to add shoulders, walkways, or even raise it due to its passing through a low area that constantly floods. They just did a half ass fix. This, of course, for two reasons. One you stated. Why would they want traffic to go west towards Franklin? The other reason being they are hoping for the state and Franklin to pitch in and pay, by means of the interchange project, for that strip of road to be redesign and built. They figure it could be tied into the whole interchange project. "Well you're building an interchange there you can't just have in exit onto a crappy road." "OK then well fix it to Drexel." Im beginning to think that Oak Creek has seen so much success on their Howell Ave. in the last 5-10 years that they no longer care about sharing that with Franklin in the 27th street planning and rather want it all for themselves. Face it Franklin is probably to close to the S.76th st. shopping district in Greendale to ever get stores like Best Buy. They would locate in places they could better serve cities like South Milwaukee, Cudahy, the south shore area, Oak creek and Franklin. Unfortunatly for Franklin Howell is right in the middle. And I fear that the Drexel interchange, that we might help pay for, will only feed Oak Creek.

John Michlig

Can't argue with any of your points, Pat - they all seem completely consistant with reality.

Scott Thinnes

I'm not sure on the exact timing, but, Oak Creek has created TID #7 to provide the funding mechanism for their local share of the I94 / Drexel Avenue Interchange. I'm also not sure on where the boundaries fall. It would be interesting to see if it includes Howell Avenue, where TIF Increment (tax revenue) would probably be available much sooner. Or, if it covers 27th Street. Where Oak Creek would then be showing faith in it's upcomming growth. Probably includes areas of both.

I believe, when the minor resurfacing to Drexel West was done the TID may not yet have been fully approved. I'm sure that a more substantial improvement may be made to that stretch of road if and when the interchange becomes a reality. TID #7 will no doubt become the funding source for that work also.

It will be a few years before the additional Drexel West improvements will be needed. The 27th Street improvements from College to Drexel are, I believe, scheduled for 2013. Things are moving very slow right now as the DOT has yet to decide on round-abouts or conventional intersections. And, who knows if, and/or when, the interchange will be finished.

Scott Thinnes

Wow, correction already.

I see from a post at Franklin Today that the DOT has dropped round-abouts from consideration on 27th Street.


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