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February 21, 2010


Scott Thinnes

John, (way) back in July of 1992, while I was a member of the Franklin Architectural Review Board, I wrote a letter to then Franklin Mayor Klimetz. We were reviewing the plans for what is now; the apartments on the southeast corner of 76th Street and Drexel Avenue.

At the time I was trying to persuade others that the parking lots should be located behind the buildings and that the structures should be placed near the roads. The developer had photographs of a similar development that he had done that way and they were very similar to your “preferred” example above. The purpose of the photos was to demonstrate the aesthetics of the buildings however, I believed that the site layout was very well done. I think I recall that the sample development was from Middleton, Wisconsin.

As I recall, the site at 76th Street and Drexel Avenue was originally zone for some type of commercial use and that this developer had to have the parcel re-zoned to residential. I stated in my letter that “…every effort should be made to maintain the residential flavor of the neighborhood. With two large parking lots in front of the buildings this may as well be a commercial site.”

Well, with Tuckaway Country Club located right behind the development site, and one of their fairways overlooking the area where parking lots behind the buildings would have been sited, my arguments went nowhere.

John Michlig

Hindsight is a handy crutch for many, but you have the added authority of having been on record via your letter nearly 20 years ago!

We are truly paying now for yesterdays' laissez-faire policies with regard to development.

My attempt to address that sort of thinking at last night's EDC meeting went down like a lead balloon. Not even DISAGREEMENT. A sleepy assembly, to say the least.

id scanner

Middleton Hills is much nicer than Franklin. I would never have guessed that they were pretty much around the same age.

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