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February 15, 2010



Hmm. I would like to hear their reasons too.

Food for thought... you mention that roundabouts aren't for everywhere.... do you think that
1) that means that street lights have a place or,
2) another passive control device is available that could be used instead?

John Michlig

1) I think street lights certainly have their place. It's insane to make a blanket assertion that each and every intersection should be made into a roundabout.

2) The problem with passive control devices in suburbs like Franklin/Oak Creek is that these suburbs have actively promoted FAST and UNIMPEDED driving for as long as they've been in existence; it seems to be a point of pride for the average suburban engineering staff that you can basically get from one side of town to the other while blindfolded. Changing a culture of pedestrians-be-damned car movement will be tough, to say the least.

For instance: I've been privy to the boasts of at least FOUR Franklin municipal leaders that they get through the mini-roundabout near the Wyndham Target at between 35 and 40 mph. If they're saying that in the presence of a guy that they know has a blog, what are they boasting about when they're sure they are completely off the record?

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