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April 30, 2010


Scott Thinnes

Interesting. NML has paid $2 Million dollars in property tax to Franklin.

Last year Franklin levied $20,426,000 on the city property tax payers. (That was net of TIF.) Oh yeah, NML lives within TIF #3. So how much of that $2 Million was seen by the other Franklin taxpayers in helping to bear the costs of Franklin city operations. Inquiring minds...

Fred Keller


You hit the bulls-eye. It's perfectly clear to me where Franklin's 'old guard' Alderman and the Mayor stand when the choice boils down to Northwestern Mutual and Franklin Taxpayers.

Bryan Maersch


Are you serious " The perception is that NML is located in Franklin, but doesn't really live here; everything 1,700 employees need is inside their building, and no restaurants or other amenities have seen any benefit in locating around their self-contained campus." Very few employees of NM Franklin ever want to return to the Milwaukee campus. Many of them have made Franklin their home literally.

Little Cancun and Casa De Giorgio are packed at lunch by NM employees seeking something other than flavored Tofu and other delights.

I have been told by merchants on 27th street that their business has consistently increased ever since NM came to Franklin.

NM has donated to the Franklin Public Library, Franklin Educational Association ,provided scholarships for FHS students, and sponsored FHS educational achievements dinner. In addition to the donated land to the north of their campus for the yet to be built YMCA.

I can agree with you that to most employees could care less about the Drexel interchange.

But what is good for NM is good for their employees and the Franklin community.

Lets discount all those things and we will end up with a bunch of jobs and donations to the community like we have at the Harley Distribution Center!


John Michlig

The important word in my post that you evidently missed is PERCEPTION. And that perception is not helped by what you see in the photo above. Can you disagree?

You wouldn't happen to... WORK for NML, do you? :)

Bryan (I have worked at NM 22 Years) M.

I have never hidden the fact I work for NM.

As I said how can someone not PERCEIVE that NM's home is not in Franklin give the information stated in my original comment.

NM owns the land across the street and the land where the YMCA is to be built. Both pieces of land have been cleaned up (remember the stacks of tires at Franklin Fun Park) and the old Cowboy Store. Hmmmm, I don't believe they own the Pueblo Azteca so are you suggesting they buy that up too just to get it cleaned up?

None the less, everyone on the council including the Mayor, Aldermen, and former Aldermen wanted to take the credit for getting NM to locate almost half their employees to Franklin. NM is a good corporate citizen that has, are and will continue to give back to Franklin, Milwaukee, and Wisconsin.

What kind of perception is it when a corporation ponies up $1.6 million for the interchange unlike Harley which we bent over backward to provide the exact specifications they needed in the Business park and now will be leaving for cheep Southern labor come this October.

One last thing that both you and Greg should note. It has been almost 10 years, since the Northwestern Mutual Financial Network of which Northwestern Mutual Life is just a part of, was changed to NM or NMFN not NML. Corporate re-branding to include all the financial products they cover use this corporate branding (it was in the Wall Street Journal, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and the Wisconsin Business Journal). Just something that should be noted for proper reference. :)

Glad we could clear this up.

John Michlig

That's kind of adorable.

John Michlig

RE: "re-branding":

Not catching on, I'm afraid.

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