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April 22, 2010


Greg Kowalski

According to former EDC/CDA member Ted Grintjes, the EDC supported the Drexel Interchange concept. Or so that's what he said at Tuesday's council meeting.

John Michlig

They very likely did, but that was before my time. If it came up for vote again, there would be at least one dissenting vote and a vigorous debate - - something I doubt occurred very much during the tenure of Mr. Grintjes.

Scott Thinnes

Want to know who benefits from the I-94 / Drexel Avenue Interchange... follow the money.

Who's willing to 'kick-in' the most funds to pay for it. Oak Creek, $3.75 million. Oh yeah, I'd say they benefit plenty (Howell, Delphi, Urban Village...). Then, NML, $1.6 million. They have plenty to benefit too. (Their campus access, Urban Village; I believe they are the current land owners). Franklin???...not so much (27TH Street).

Maybe the 27TH Street Corridor will benefit marginally. But, for commercial to be sucessful along the corridor wouldn't they like to have traffic? Why make it so easy for that traffic to get back to I-94 without even having to pass by the potential merchant locations?

A lot of comparisons are made between 27TH Street and Bluemound Road. They are similar, except Bluemound has a far end destination; Waukesha. 27TH Street really doesn't. Bluemound is a traffic nightmare, but, it is a commercial success. Why? Could the reasons for both of those be... only two Interstate access points (Moorland Road and Barker Road)? We all hate driving there; but, we all shop there also.

NML came into the deal with their $1.6 million at the last minute. But that's good business. Why commit anything until you see what the stupid governments will kick in first. NML wants the interchange, but at the least expense to them, $0 if at all possible. I don't fault them for that. Again, good business. After all it's 'the quiet company'.

I wonder if Franklin even tasted the bait as they went hook, line and sinker into that MOU double talk. The majority didn't even understand it, and still don't; even as it unfolds in front of their faces.

One more reason why... Government has no business being in business.

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