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April 22, 2010


Al Foeckler

"The proposed interchange is in Oak Creek, directly adjacent to their growing Howell Avenue commercial corridor . . ."? In Oak Creek, yes, but not directly adjacent to Howell Avenue. The interchange would actually be much closer to 27th St. (and the Franklin side of 27th St.) than Howell Ave.

John Michlig

I think "directly adjacent" is fair; once you spread out the interchange's "wings," it's feeding directly into Howell Avenue's sweet spot, as well as the location of the abandoned manufacturing plant.

From Franklin's point of view, 27th Street already has two interchanges feeding it, and they feed traffic down the potential corridor; life is good.

Greg Kowalski

I think what some (most) people forget is the state is moving the on/offramps at 27th Street & I-94 (at the Racine County line) up to Elm Road. That interchange will also be in Oak Creek and to my knowledge Franklin taxpayers won't have to support that project via indirect methods. For that matter, neither will Oak Creek's.

I believe it to be a fair comparison to look at 27th Street and like it to Bluemound Road in Brookfield, especially with certain aldermen throwing out stats and numbers like they know the future before it's even created. Bluemound Road in Brookfield is only served by TWO interchanges - Moorland Road and Barker Road. Look at all their development over the past 20 years. Now look at 27th Street - with 3 interchanges right now (College, Rawson, and Ryan) and two proposed (Drexel and Elm). I'd argue we're already at overkill with 3. Now they're talking 5? Why would anyone even bother driving down 27th Street!?

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