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May 26, 2010


Scott Thinnes

"So the motion was made that the EDC recommend to the Common Council that they investigate the potential of the project." - repeat - "...investigate the potential of the project." ??? Isn't that what the Common Council asks the EDC to do? If the EDC is unable or unwilling to do what is their charter, then disband.

If, by a majority vote, the EDC was able to make a recommendation either way, then that is the recommendation that should be made. This inaction because of the lack of unanimous consensus is what keeps Franklin developmentally stagnant.

Vote the issue and let the chips fall... The EDC should do what their there to do and stop passing the buck.

John Michlig

As you know, the EDC is an UNFUNDED, ADVISORY body.

in other words; we meet and talk and vote and pat ourselves on the back for our selfless efforts. And, unfortunately, that's "what they're there to do."

As a member of the EDC, I'm at the front of the line of people who would like to see it disbanded or DRASTICALLY reconfigured.

How much influence does the EDC wield? At the meeting last month, I asked Alderman Olson, chair of the 27th Street Steering Committee, to come back from the next meeting of that group with a tally of total marketing dollars spent on 27th Street by the committee.

The answers I got on Tuesday night?

A) Alderman Olson was not present for the meeting Tuesday night

B) Brian Sajdak, who attended the 27th street meeting, reported that "they didn't understand the request" and instead compiled some sort of "money spent per mile" gobblygook.

So much for that. Yet, evidently, the EDC is responsible for the Franklin half of the 27th Street Steering Committee.

I am submitting for the next agenda a discussion of whether it's worth continuing the EDC in its present configuration. As I said in the meeting, the EDC has become a headless, toothless beast unable to take any sort of action, and we definitely need a bias toward ACTION in this economic climate.

And don't get me started on the goofy concept of "consensus" ....

Fred Keller

I love it!

Alderman "500 Grand" Olson was not present for the meeting Tuesday night. How convenient. Must have been card night at Hanley's.

And Brian Sajdak, Franklin Assistant City Attorney, couldn't explain your request to the committee, for a tally of total marketing dollars spent on 27th Street by the committee? Seems pretty straight forward to me. Was this a real steering committee meeting or a clown convention?

Bryan Maersch

To Quote my favorite EDC commissioner:


For my part, as a member of the Economic Development Commission I have a “to-do” list of items I think the EDC should accomplish (or at least UNDERTAKE).

In my opinion, the EDC — for whatever reason (no budget, few meetings, etc.) — does not accomplish a great deal.

I could choose to blame any number of external factors, but, instead, I choose to ignore “blame” and instead take responsibility; I’m seated at the table, so I am empowered to motivate the group.

Therefor, anything on my list that is not accomplished is something the EDC WAS/IS UNABLE TO DO; and, since I sit at each and every meeting, I consider it something I WAS UNABLE TO ACCOMPLISH.

Sitting on the mayor’s desk? If I can’t get it off his desk, then it’s MY failing. Chairman Skowronski doesn’t put my item on the EDC agenda? Then I fell short; I’m not going to waste time blaming him.

Reasons, not excuses. If you write about the something the EDC or Trails Committee can’t/didn’t get done, for example, I won’t be pointing the finger elsewhere. If it’s stuck on the mayor’s desk, I DIDN’T GET IT DONE."


John Michlig

Not that I necessarily disagree with you, Mr. Maersch, but what specifically did I not get done?

And, did you assume I'd quit when the meeting ended?

Bryan Maersch


I hope you do not take offense to my previous posting. I just sounds like you are giving up. I am just trying to say DON'T GIVE UP no matter how insane it may seem or else the insanity wins!

John Michlig

No offense taken. I am indeed pursuing remedies "outside the box" since the EDC seems impotent by design (read the statute); whatever it takes, as they say. It doesn't end when I leave that meeting room...

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