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August 24, 2010


Bryan Maersch


Could you please reveal which EDC members did attend and which did not attend forcing your meeting to be canceled.

These people apparently do not take their commitment very seriously.

John Michlig

Chairman Skowronski said that three members had called and were excused; I don't know which three.

Alderman Ken Skowronski, Chair
Alderman Steve Olson
Roseanne Burac-Englert
Diane Oleson
James Kerr
John Michlig

Brian A. Sajdak (Assistant City Attorney)

Joe Haselow
Norm Hintz
Divaker Desai
Jon Zawacki (recently resigned; seat vacant)
Tim Ohm
Mary Karolewicz


This is very revealing. I do hope the Mayor takes note of this if he does not disband the EDC.

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