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September 15, 2010


Victoria Schmidt

I wish it would continue north. I take my life in my hands every time I ride my bike or go for a run.

John Michlig

Fortunately, the same Community Block Grant that funded the Drexel-to-Clare Meadows sidewalk north of Drexel is also going to fund an extension up to Minnesota Street, which is pretty darn close to Rawson. It also always you to turn into the subdivision around Pleasant View Elementary for a safer route to Rawson.

Scott Thinnes

It's almost time for a 'walk the walk' party... with free parking provided at the high school.

John Michlig

True - any invitation to a sidewalk ribbon cutting in Franklin requires "where do I park" information.


Free Parking on Michlig lawn!

John Michlig

Unfortunately, you would still face a treacherous Drexel Street crossing if you parked on my lawn. Which is why I would only charge $5 rather than $10.


Victoria Schmidt

John runs in the road on S. 47th street (not the sidewalk) and I have never run him him over ..... Yet!

John Michlig

S. 47th street is a quite different animal than 51st Street. Bryan - remember walking on 51st when putting up your campaign signs? Not a friendly place.

I'd say I'm on the sidewalk 50% of the time, though. I try to stay out of the way of walkers with dogs, little kids on bikes, and cars in driveways straddling the sidewalk. I also tripped over a raised sidewalk edge one winter night and did a full somersault (never broke stride).

I'll remain vigilant, though, and look out for your vehicle.

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