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November 08, 2010



Maybe they were waiting for it to biodegrade!

Jonathan Misirian

Great article! Our first home was in Milwaukee, near 76th and Oklahoma... we lived there for 5 years and loved it... one of the first things we noticed after moving into Franklin, was the amount of trash that was left and stayed on the streets...which was in direct contrast to our experience in Milwaukee! The culture of non-connectivity, of insular housing bubbles, of drive in garages, and no sidewalks all work to disassociate ourselves from our community... thus: it's someone else's problem...


Janet Evans

Interesting. I'll pose the question. Would they have picked it up if it had been a sanitary napkin? Think hard about that question. If a soiled sanitary napkin sat at the end of this driveway for a day would it have been as acceptable to sit there? For a week? I wonder. How about you? In the end would you have picked it up with your target bag?

John Michlig

Good question.

Horrible mental image.

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