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December 01, 2010


Fred Keller

John, I feel for ya, Man. Did the mayor and Common Council President, Steve F. Taylor bother to show up?

Mayoral Ad Hoc Development Process Review Committee members:

Mayor Tom Taylor, Presiding Officer and Chair
Alderman Steve F. Taylor
Randy Ritter
Maryjane Ingersoll
James Kerr
James O'Malley (developer)
Mark Carstensen (developer)

John Michlig

Steve Taylor was excused for a work appointment. I'm not going to point fingers at individuals by naming no-shows (the mayor was there, however).

The point is, it's OK to have to be excused from a meeting now and then; we all have to make a living. However, NOT MAKING THE SIMPLE PHONE CALL required to let a committee chairman know that he or she might not have a quorum is just slipshod.

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