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June 16, 2011


Steve Strode

Excellent post. When my Milwaukee friends and family visit me in Portland, they always compare and comment on the difference in road sizes - and yet how utterly convenient it is to navigate the city. And Portland is installing rain gardens from my neighborhood to the river taking up (yikes!) parking spaces. We love them, and no cars have gone homeless.

John Michlig

When I travel, I'm always a bit shocked when I get back and have to re-adjust to the monster SCALE of roadways around here. When I visit my parents in Wausau, for instance, and I go out for a run I'm flabbergasted that the multi-block walk to my old grade school would barely be one Franklin block's distance.

3 Wheel Bikes For Adults

I think it is a fantastic idea to make way for bicycles and pedestrians by thinning the streets. Wonderful that the city will also save a lot of money on road maintenance.

Hopefully, though, with motorists being so distracted these days with cell phones there will not be an increase in accidents.


American has so many 'high traffic' roads with wasted land on the side. If buildings are located closer to the roads and having a median in the middle of the road would make the street seem safer.

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