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November 10, 2011



One of the best parts of my day is walking my daughter the 6 blocks to school. This walk gives me exercise and gives me 15 minutes to talk with my daughter about whatever comes to mind.

After the school morning scramble, it's a great way for both of us to clear our minds for the day ahead.

John Michlig

That sounds like a bit of nirvana, David.

Next year my daughter starts high school right across the street from us - however, it's about six or seven city blocks door-to-door (HUGE parking lot, etc.). Hopefully, we can make a habit of walking together once a week or so.

Then again, what high schooler wants to walk with their dad to school?

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I disagree. Franklin works on a grid system and in order for that grid system to actually work and get people where they need to go, there needs to be major intersections. 51st st is one of the roads of major intersections (I.E. 51st and rawson, 51st and drexel etc.).
Although 51st may not have sidewalks, most suburban Franklin streets that I've seen do. So...your beef is with no sidewalks on major roads? Use side roads. Better yet, take a look at your neighbor Greendale. They've got a pretty sweet setup when it comes to getting around by foot.

John Michlig

With all due respect, Anonymous, a quick look at Google Maps will show you that, if Franklin DOES employ a grid, it is not a HUMAN-SCALE grid by any stretch of the imagination. The main roads (which are the only ones that can be remotely thought of as "gridlike") are aligned with the mile-square platting that original survey maps provided.

Subdivision developers, in fact, plotted their roads to ELIMINATE the possibility of a grid. This means that Franklin, like many suburbs, is auto-centric and full of places you can SEE but cannot get to safely on foot.

Furthermore, emergency vehicles have to take circuitous routes to reach, for instance, Pleasant View Elementary School.

That's not to say that there aren't discrete areas of Franklin where a pseudo-grid exists; it's a huge suburb. However, this is a city built for FAST CARS, and woe to you if you are elderly, differently-abled, or a kid.

Further information (with maps and illustrations)
The Collector Road: http://fullyarticulated.typepad.com/sprawledout/the-collector-road.html

Roads as sewers: http://fullyarticulated.typepad.com/sprawledout/roads-as-sewers.html

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