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December 02, 2011



I grew up in Franklin, and I had a segway for about a year before I went off to college. It was a childhood dream to get one and I think my dad traded something for it. My parents aren't the Wyndham Hills type by any means. Once I had one I realized that I couldn't really go anywhere with it, unless I put it in my car and took it to a real place. I could get it into my little car by myself, but it took a while (I'm a 5'2" female) so I didn't do it too often. I took lots of "lazy walks" with it on the sidewalks of Franklin that don't go anywhere. My senior picture with it was in a Goodstone ad. My dad eventually traded it for a lawn mower. What does that tell you about suburban life?

Now that I live on the East Side (about North and Prospect), I totally want my segway back. I would use it all the time now. It would be perfect for those slightly longer but still walking distance trips between 1/2 and 1 mile like UWM and Pick 'n Save.

John Michlig

If the Segway could gain a foothold as a Zipcar-type shared device, we'd see them all over the place downtown.

My eyes would have popped out of my head if I would have happened upon you and your Segway here in Franklin ....

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damn it is too pricey for a single passenger ride make this affordable to the masses then we will see a lot of these in the wild

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